Let us know what you think of our 40th Reunion.
Was the time of year convenient or would you prefer another time period?
What did you think of the the number of events?  We were hoping to offer as many oportunities as possible for people to attend something.
What did you think of the type of events and the locations?
Do you have any suggestions for the future?  Is there anything different you would prefer to do in the future?
The following is a list of classmates that we have not been able to get in touch with.  Please let us know how we can contact them as we would love to see them attend the reunion or at least get caught up via this website.  Also, let us know of anyone that has not been contacted yet.  We will keep adding to this list as needed so keep checking in.
If you send us an address, it will not be posted on this site.
Karen Anderer Clark
Fred Andrews
Kenneth Balboni
Jennifer Benjamin
Beverly Bradford
Peter Boisvert
Linda Burlingame
Linda Caruso Callahan
James Crawford
Stephen Crossen
Susan Donovan Harris
Karen Evans Spencer
Patricia Galbraith Knapp
Donald Heylinger
Edna Kennedy
Rob King
Mary Kinsellagh
Kit Kitchens
Mark Lyons
Jane Maxwell Shields
Paul Niemisto
Ronald Pacheco
Richard Perry
James Prignano
Maureen Sears
Jerry Shaw
Mike Souza
Richard Stewart
Joanne Taupier
John Taupier
Grace Thomas
Forest Thompson
Wendy Tresize
Meredith Weston
Carol Wood Rhodes
Louis Zonfrillo

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